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Using the Internet for Real Estate

The Internet is a great place to get information and start your home search, but cannot replace the services of a real estate professional.  Let's look at what the Internet can do for you:

  • Help you find homes that are on the market.
  • Give you basic information on buying and selling a home.
  • Give information on areas where you are considering purchasing.

What the Internet cannot do is:

  • Give you up-to-date market conditions for the area in which you are looking to buy.
  • Provide professional real estate advice concerning the market in the area you are considering.
  • Prepare a comparative market analysis for a specific property, to ensure the home you plan to sell is properly priced, or identify whether one you plan to buy is over- or under-priced.
  • Prepare a contract on a home you are interested in buying or selling, including all the legal disclosures.
  • Advise you on negotiating strategy during the offer process, including price and other non-financial terms.
  • Assist you in evaluating counter-offers made during the offer process, to ensure that the deal you agree to is the best one for your specific situation.
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the buying or selling of real estate.
  • Ensure that your interests are protected during the process of buying or selling a home.

For professional representation on buying or selling a home, let Pam talk with you and tell you how she will help.  I guarantee to provide you with the best possible service in this very important decision.


Despite advertising claims to the contrary, the internet is NOT an experienced Real Estate Professional. It cannot consult, counsel, advise, have knowledge of local laws and market conditions, make judgments, "own" the result, or most importantly, understand your individual goals and needs and care about you as a Client. Furthermore, while the internet can provide information, it cannot interpret it. To obtain an accurate assessment of any data you're receiving online, please contact  us. Courtesy of Mollie W. Wasserman,".



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